She said …

But I’ve learned to take people as they are…


If you know someone doesn’t do anything to better their life, you got to let them be them

As much as you might want to stick around to build that motivation in them, you can’t be babysitting anyone

Life is too short to be worrying about people when they aren’t worrying as hard as you or even at all

It amazes me how wise people become when they go through their life’s journey

You either go backwards or keep moving on forward

Not everyone see’s life’s experiences as lessons but the few that do use it to help propel them to greatness

Well those people are all on the right track and you my friend, girl, you on the right track

You understand the lessons that have played out in your life and the knowledge you have developed from it not only has made you so much stronger

But it’s also allowing life to prepare you for what’s yours and when it shows up….

You will be in awe with your wonderful life….

You on the right track girl…

I swear, real is real


I’ve learned to take people as they are…

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