How funny are we

We are puzzled when we don’t know where something is going but yet..

We question when someone wants to devote themselves too much to us to fast

Yet when they don’t we questions whether they should even be in our lives or if we even matter to them

We play this game in our heads…

We don’t let life just guide us

I realize that sometimes we begin to give ourselves to people and get no direction of where anything is going

Someone can kill themselves thinking about what the other persons intentions are

It’s like we want it all with no consequences

And life is all about trial and error

I say if you are consumed by what someone else might be feeling

Just ask them

Worst case is they don’t feel the way you do

And that’s completely okay because who wants to have feelings for someone who won’t for them

No one…

Instead of being curious and waiting for things to head in the wrong direction

Direct your own life…

Value yourself

Fall in love with yourself so when someone doesn’t want to be a part of you it’s truly their loss not yours….

Because you are strong, independent and have so much to offer…

Ask the uncomfortable questions, get the answer

Whether you will like what they have to say or not, it doesn’t even matter

Because they don’t make or break you

You control that part of your life, try and control as much as you can because there will be moments you can’t control

So you go to be strong…

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