Mama’s baby

Violet Alina!
I think of you and immediately my heart is full of love. I still remember carrying you in 2016 and being so ready for you to come out. I cried so hard when I first saw you. Your father and I were over the moon. Then I went through this phase and  I felt so disconnected from you. From motherhood. I felt like a horrible human being after having you. I wasn’t myself. I couldn’t even look at you without feeling guilt for feeling so distant. It took me a couple months to snap back to reality. You are my baby. I am your mother. I was chosen for a reason and I don’t take that lightly. I’m so thankful those days are behind us. You were created with the purest of love. You may never see or experience having both your parents together. I just need for you to know that you were made with real love. Your older sister was one of the first to know. I remember laying in bed with her she had just turned 7 a couple months before. I put her hand on my belly and told her you were in there swimming and she promised she would not tell. She was so happy to know that her dream had come true. She was going to have the baby sister she had asked me for as early as 3 years old. You’re little face is irresistible to me. You make it so hard to do anything when all I want to do is be with you all day. I love you. I hope you never forget that. I am committed to your growth and whatever I have to do to see you successful. I’m looking forward to more love and many more memories. Violet my sweet cheeky baby, I love you to the moon and back. FOREVER AND EVER v and me

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