I got you

You make me feel.

Your words, your touch.

You make me believe again in fairytale like moments

More important you give me so much hope

Your heart is everything

The way you express your thoughts and feelings to me

Reminds me of me….

I didn’t think that in my lifetime I would meet someone who makes me feel so full of love, especially so soon

I have so much pain that still remains within me but you make it a point daily to reassure me of your love, to get me out of my head

It’s hard to picture life without you so I choose not too

You are doing something to me, your magic is changing me

I’m becoming the woman I’ve always wanted to be and it’s all because of your love

I envision so much when you hold me

You’ve become the most addicting, who needs drugs when I’m high everyday

You feed my soul with just a look

I crave you.

I need you.

You never give up on me

You fight even when I’ve thrown my hands up

You push for what you want

You teach me to go after what the heart yearns for

I yearn for your love, your touch, your smell…

I look forward to putting my arms around you, closing my eyes and breathing you in

Hearing you speak to me, calling me ” baby” has never sounded so wonderful

I feel like your baby, your precious, your sexy, your sweet

You wrap up all the components of love and spoon feed them to me daily


Every single part of you that makes you who you are is what I’ve falling for

The man who I can’t stand but love so crazy somedays…

I’m the storm and you are the calm baby

All of you is all for me.

I got you.



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