Stephanie 26 yr old, mother to a beautiful 5yr old who lights up my darkest of days, I want to enjoy every minute I have on this earth. I desire greatly to be successful and be madly in love one day.  I truly enjoy writing it allows me to bring some of the chaos in my head to the surface where I can analyze my feelings and grow from it.

Feel free to comment or ask me anything…

I’m always here..

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  1. Jay Are says:

    Where you been at?. Esta perdia. Still waitn’ on a new post…Inspiration should never be at a stand still. EXPRESS YO SELF!… lol. Spoken word is very powerful. Freedom of speech is what we live by. Keep Grindin’….

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    1. Do I know you? And you motivated me to write and I will post something this weekend


  2. Jay Are says:

    Yeaaa. We used to work together. Mission Ambassador. Lol. Good to hear I put the battery in your back. Don’t stray away from what you already have accomplished. Embrace the world and keep writing…


    1. omg how are you?!? How did u find my blog?


      1. Jay Are says:

        I’m gd u knw same ‘ol jus maintaining. I been new about your blog you forget you used to promoted it cause I told you about spoken word and stuff. Lol. You had given me your blog and email so didn’t wanna email you like some stalker. Lol. Plus I hadn’t seent anything new just making sure you haven’t lost the passion.


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